Robotic Cleaner – ROBO Cleaper


An award winning, independently operating, floor-cleaning robot for cleaning extensive areas such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Gymnasiums
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Supermarkets

Our Robotic Cleaner or ROBO Cleaper (our blended name for Clean Keeper) features a controller that employs advanced mapping technology that removes the need for conventional guidance control systems such as instruction lines, magnetic tape and light reflectors. It operates independently while recognizing its own position.

Since it performs cleaning operations automatically during the night, your premises can be cleaned without disrupting daytime operations; thus, it increases your work efficiency.

In addition, it solves understaffing issues and overcomes the problem of uneven cleaning performance by janitorial staff. These features contribute to both reduced costs and increased cleanliness

Note: An operator is required to start cleaning operations at each site.

For more information see our new website: NKC Cleanfix Australia

2016 ISSA/Innovation Award Winner

Adopted for cleaning the British Museum in the U.K.

Adopted for cleaning the British Museum in the U.K.



Advanced mapping function

  • Cleans multiple passages while automatically avoiding obstacles.
  • Cleans every corner of the entire mapped area.
  • Trouble-free cleaning, with no tracing required.
Advanced mapping function

Can clean very large areas, equivalent to 9.6 tennis courts

  • Cleaning area with few obstacles: 600 m2 in 45 min. or 1,200 m2 in 70 min.
  • Cleaning area with many obstacles: 450 m2 in 45 min. or 1,100 m2 in 120 min.

Note: All figures approximate.

Can clean very large areas

Cleans right into corners

  • Since the product is cylindrical, it can clean up to 20 cm from walls.
  • Cleans every nook and corner of the room, without exception.
Cleans right into corners


  • The Robotic Cleaner operates only after determining the suitability of the surroundings. It measures the distance to adjacent walls and detects obstacles with sensors. When an obstacle is detected, it avoids the obstacle and continues cleaning.
  • If the front bumper contacts an obstacle, the contact is detected, the obstacle is avoided, and cleaning operation continues (restarting is not required).



  • Cost reduction
    Costs associated with labour can be saved
  • Efficiency improvement
    Automation allows staff to be allocated to more important work
    High traffic areas can also be cleaned after hours, to avoid stopping work during the day
  • Reduce unplanned staff shortages
    Automatic cleaning reduces the impact of staff shortages
  • Consistent cleaning quality
    Eliminates the variability in staff skills & output

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The ideal product for cleaning extensive areas such as hospitals, gymnasiums,  factories and warehouses. Click the image or button to download the brochure.


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