Automatic Guided Vehicles

NKC offers a wide range of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), available in various models that differ in load capacity and load, up to a maximum of 6000 kg net capacity. All our vehicles are designed and built for ease of use, coupled with a flexibility unmatched by any other system of traditional transport.

NKC is dedicated to ensuring that your AGVs are tailored to meet your requirements. This will include selecting the best suited driving technologies for your application: 

  • Inductive guidance systems (AGV)
  • laser guided systems (LGV)
  • Inertial guidance systems (IGV)

If required, a combination of driving technologies can be integrated with each other. In this case, the vehicle will use the most appropriate system according to the position in which it is located on its path.




  • All vehicles are equipped with security and safety systems.
  • Emergency push buttons, luminous and acoustic indicators are standard.
  • A centralised safety control unit will detect any risk arising and take immediate action.

Battery Technology

  • Automatic battery recharge system is available on all vehicles.
  • Can be designed with any reliable battery technology.
  • Battery technology and charging system can be flexible to meet the end users requirements.

Manual Controls

  • Full manual intervention is standard on all vehicles via the dedicated manual control keyboard

Operator Interface

  • All vehicles are equipped with a HMI touch screen.
  • An operator can get access to the unit and system for daily tasks, errors and status of uncompleted tasks and missions.


  • Safety
    All vehicles are designed intrinsically safe, certified, delivered and tested with any possible redundancy in terms of active and passive safety systems.
    Can be equipped with devices that stabilize unstable loads in order to safely transport any type of product
    Can be equipped with top or side load stabilizers that allow the handling of any type of product
  • Efficiency improvement
    Automation allows staff to be allocated to more important work
    Products will be delivered undamaged, in a timely manner, with reduced traffic in your shop floor and generating greater flexibility within your facility.
  • Monitoring
    Supervision and traffic management software is tailored to each customer.
  • Return on the investment
    The return on the investment, generally estimated in 2 or 3 years from the financial point of view.

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