Power & Free Overhead & Inverted Conveyor Systems

NKC’s revolutionary P & F conveyor system first appeared in 1965. Since then, NKC has built up an impressive record in its own right with world-class technical developments and has accumulated expertise in conveyor system second to none. NKC’s P & F Conveyor System is one of the most popular system on the market, and has satisfied customers worldwide. As a new generation of P & F conveyors, NKC P & F Inverted Conveyor System ensures significantly increased operating efficiency and flexibility, making it adaptable to virtually any kind of production line.

NKC P & F Conveyor Systems Offer All These Features: 

  • Operating ease with increased efficiency
  • Multi-Purpose Systems that easily adapt to all your production line needs
  • Excellent Cost/Performance ratio
  • Simple, Optimized Mechanism
  • Quick, Easy Maintenance
  • Reduced planning period for new installations, thanks to unitized construction
  • Flexible, Multi-Use Conveyors adaptable for all line operations.
  • Simple Accumulation System
  • Dog-To-Dog transfer system for smooth transfer of carriers from line to line advanced invented.
  • Power & Free Conveyor System high performance, reliability and remarkable operating ease.
  • Total line access from all four sides facilitates work operations and raises efficiency.