Friction Conveyor Systems (FCS)

The NKC Friction Conveyor System is the newest member ot a proud lineage. NKC Inverted Conveyor Systems have been winning praise since the first model was delivered in 1985. Today, our lines are moving materials throughout the world.The development concepts behind our newest system were upgrading the working environment, reducing costs, and improving safety. Those are challenging goals, but with the Friction conveyer method, NKC achieved them all. The result, thanks to NKC expertise in developing conveyor technologies, is, quite simply, a revolution in conveyor systems.

The chains used in conventional conveyors are gone. Instead, this innovative new system converts the traction output by the motors into friction to move the dollies.The friction conveyor system can convey a maximum load of 650 kilograms (including the dolly), at a brisk 25 meters a minute. That is a large gain in speed over existing inverted conveyor systems, for significant gains in efficiency. creativity and pioneering technology NKC brought them together to produce the friction conveyor system. Wherever materials and products need to be moved, this revolutionary system delivers the safe, reliable, efficient answer for the 21st century.