Continuing Innovation for a healthier natural environment

NKC’s Approach

Every day, Nakanishi Metal Works faces the challenge of developing environment-friendly products. As a manufacturer granted certification of registration with ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems, NKC has taken the initiative in caring for the environment for many years. We continue to develop new eco-friendly products that complement the environmental benefits of our current product line. Our innovations include the use of wind power and solar power as we plan, manufacture and market our high-quality products.

NKC has adopted the following environmental policies in the interest of preserving the global environment.

  • 1.We continuously implement, maintain, and improve our Environmental Management System.

  • 2.We comply with all laws and requirements related to environmental protection and environmental pollution control.

  • 3.We provide environmental training to all employees in our factories while ensuring they are fully aware of our environmental policies.

  • 4.We focus on designing a production system with a low environmental impact in terms of resource and energy consumption and the generation of pollution and industrial waste.

  • 5.We cooperate with national and local governments and actively participate in the environmental preservation initiatives that they and others are implementing.

Small Wind-Power Generator

This vertical-axis model features low noise and low vibration. The generator is activated with even a gentle breeze.

NKC’s small wind-power generator is a vertical-axis model featuring specially shaped blades that incorporate the principles of aeronautical engineering. It is notable for generating less noise and vibration than conventional propeller-type windmills. It is highly efcient at converting even a gentle breeze (about 1.2 m/s) into rotational energy. It can be used in a variety of applications including powering streetlights and as an urban windmill for use as an emergency power source.

Small Wind-Power Generator

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e-WERBO (wasted energy recycling box)

 Why not utilise “Third Power Sources” effectively? Supporting all transfer equipment with a regenerative running.

About 95% of the regenerative power that has been wasted as heat can be captured as electric energy and stored for reuse. Recycling such energy helps to protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Thanks to the compact design of such systems, they can be easily installed in small locations. In addition, they are equipped with casters for ease of relocation.


Solar Streetlight

Contributing to smarter towns and buildings.

This eco-friendly streetlight makes use of clean solar power. No power need be supplied to this unit, as it features on-board battery storage. As an eco-friendly design that emits no CO2, this streetlight can be installed in a variety of locations including squares, parks and other public facilities as well as on company grounds.

solar streetlights

Photovoltaic Power Generation Panel

We installed a photovoltaic power generation panel in the Tenma District in an effort to help minimise global warming.

Since 2005, the Tenma District has managed to introduce a total of 110 kW of photovoltaic power generation, while the Osaka Plant introduced a 5 kW system in 2010. The Osaka Plant was evaluated highly for its energy conservation practices and was awarded a prize by the Director-General of the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Photovoltaic Power Generation Panel