Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS) Motrain Conveyor Systems

Production lines have evolved from mass production systems to small-lot, multiple-product systems and then to flexible manufacturing systems that can handle a variety of types and quantities of products. As businesses rapidly convert their production systems to accommodate the needs of a diversifying society, flexible manufacturing systems are now metamorphosing into computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMs).

Upgrading production systems is an ongoing process in   enhancing the efficiency of development design, sales,and distribution. Intelligent manufacturing systems are the next step. Making them a reality will require high precision conveyor systems and complex accurate interfaces between robots and machine tools. NKC’s Motrain system makes full use of our expertise and technology we have built up over years of experience with chain conveyors. With stopping positions so precise they can be set to an accuracy of ±0.1mm, high-speed and variable speed conveyors with accurately programmable speeds, the Motrain precision conveyor system will be the indispensable backbone on which to construct your CIM. Motrain has what it takes to build the next generation of production systems.


The NKC Motrain system is an endless array of attractive aluminum rails crisscrossing the broad expanse of your factory; the effect is reminiscent of art installations in modern office buildings.

Today, when the working environment is a critical factor in attracting skilled workers, the light, elegant layout possible with the Motrain system is a real plus. But Motrain is as tough as it is handsome. We’ve used a special lightweight aluminum with superior durability for the rails. The material strong, and the design exceeds industrial safety standards, for a highly reliable system.

NKC offers a choice of two types of motors in the Motrain system: a silent inverter-type motor and a linear motor. Use of urethane rubber wheels cuts noise levels drastically. Moreover, the linear motor system offers a further advantage: the driving wheel and the rail do not come into contact with each other. That makes this system ideal for eliminating problems arising from water and oil used in the production process. The low noise levels also guarantee a pleasant working environment. And since Motrain brings what you need so quickly, when you need it, its speed reduces the noise generated even further.