Advantages of Friction Conveyors

A Clean Working Environment

The friction conveyor method eliminates every single chain from the system. With no chains, the system is much cleaner eliminating oil dripping and metal dust particles, while background noise level is only 60 dB when a dolly passes. Eliminating chains enables this system to ensure a clean, quiet, pleasant working environment.

No Chains, More Safety

Safety is designed into this system as the chains that make up conveyor system’s moving parts are eliminated. In the conventional approach, safety is secondary, and dangerous moving parts are merely covered to protect workers. The friction conveyor, however, concept enhances safety from the start.

Simple, Compact Design For Faster Construction

No chains mean no need for a power rail – reducing the weight ot the equipment by about half. NKC’s simple-is-better theme continues with compact drive motors. The result is a conveyor system that saves space. The new design also eliminates the need for stoppers and other attachments, simplifying the system as a whole. The result is a conveyor system that installs simply and quickly where you need it. Your new conveyor system can be up and running much more quickly which also means cost savings.

Trouble-free Operation and Easier Maintenance

Eliminating high-speed line chains and trolleys from this conveyor system also eliminates all need for oiling and greasing parts. Adding branches, junctions, and additional connections is vastly simplified, and the system is astonishingly easy to maintain. In the rare event that your friction drive does malfunction, simply replace a unit, and twill be up and running again. Access for regular maintenance is simpler, too, thanks to the conveyor height being lowered to 350 mm. And since each station is separately controlled, stoppages for repairs and maintenance can be kept to a minimum.

High Performance, Low Cost

NKC’s ability to eliminate the power rail on high-speed storage conveyors shortens construction times, makes these systems less labor-intensive to operate, and trims costs. This new system is also designed to be energy efficient. Each friction drive puts out 100W of power, and each operates only when needed for major energy savings. Lower installation costs, lower running costs – the NKC friction conveyor system delivers superior cost performance as well.

Freedom to Design the Right Layout

Flexibility Makes Adding Connections a Snap

The friction drives installation inside the U curve frees you to design the layout you need. Since it integrates traversers and turntables with the main system, it is also possible to use a layout like that of European skid systems. Effective use of Convergency, Divergency and Stop units delivers the flexibility to design a system that suits your specific purpose. This system is also designed for smooth connections and transfers from existing inverted conveyor systems, for efficient use of space.

Floor type

The NKC floor type friction system features a rail height far lower than conventional inverted conveyor systems for easier maintenance access. Our floor type product line includes pallet friction systems that convert to slat conveyor systems.

Overhead type

An NKC overhead friction conveyor system is ideal for painting and assembly processes. The elimination of chains eliminates a shower of oil drippings and metal dust. The product you are moving stays clean.

Shuttle Type

Moving your materials swiftly, the NKC shuttle type system displays its ability in a straight-line system. Its superb stopping accuracy makes it ideal for operations utilizing robots.

Simple Unit Structure for a Variety of Designs

The unit control boards are self-contained in a distributed format. A variable frequency driver is available as an option to deliver smooth conveying. NKC’s ingenious concept gives you the freedom to attach the simple individual units as needed and ensures that this system can fulfill a host of design needs brilliantly.

Drive unit

Handy connectors make connecting and detaching wiring to the unit board and motor easy. Whether you are responding to a malfunction, replacing a unit, or performing routine maintenance, you can make connections speedly.

Convergency unit

With its sensor roller, you can switch it without the power on. These units also tree you from making the individual adjustments air cylinders demand. That saves time and money.

Divergency unit

For switching, just use the motor. This air cylinder-free design is energy efficient.

Stop unit

The basic principle for smooth conveying is a free run stop. But when stopping precision is crucial, attaching these stopper units will do the job.