Advantages of Dolly Accumulation Conveyors

Design the Layout to Fit the Process

Since conveying is done by chain, the layout can freely accommodate curves, branches and converging patterns. A yoke controls the precision dimension between the free trolley rail and the chain rail, the floor does not have to be level. Lay out your line along slopes or with branches to storage areas-DAC’s flexibility lets you devise a system precisely suited to your line’s specific requirements. Layout is simplified further by the fact that there is no need for changing dollies, such as with traversers, turntables or lifters.

Superb Efficiency

Coating Line

DAC includes a number of measures which improve efficiency and safety. The free trolley rail and chain rail are concealed safely under a steel cover and dolly links are sealed with rubber to keep out paint and other coating materials. At booth entrances and exits, only the dolly rail is raised and lowered-allowing its interior to be flooded with water to prevent paint from adhering to the wheels. DAC’s small amount of electrical equipment minimises the chance of sparking an explosion inside coating booths or drying areas.

Water Polishing Line

The slanted body design allows water to run off naturally after rinsing in the water polishing line, and dogs and pins are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting.

Welding Line

DAC makes it easy to add positioning equipment to your system, thus facilitating the use of welding robots.

Other Lines

The dolly rail can be raised or lowered independently, making it easy to coordinate the conveying height with the process. To further boost efficiency, DAC is designed so that the conveyed product is always facing forward.

Power-Saving Performance

DAC requires fewer drive motors than other conveyor systems. The pitch between dogs is designed to minimize the number of dollies travelling simultaneously – even in layouts with considerable storage transport. DAC’s special dog design provides smooth drop-offs and pickups at storage areas, reducing back pressure and allowing use of smaller motors. These features give DAC a big advantage in low power consumption.

Fast Transport

DAC is fast. Storage conveyors and inter process connecting conveyors travel at a quick 18 meters per minute

A Design that Stresses Safety

DAC introduces a specially designed oscillating wheel which boosts travel stabilityand improves safety. Precise regulation of the oscillation angle prevents accidents caused by derailing or riding-up at branches or converging intersections. Air-cylinder type stoppers are designed so that stopping power is maintained even if air pressure drops. The system is designed to enable dolly transfer with a single stopper

Durable Dolly Wheels

DAC dolly wheels are made of steel for long years of superb service

Simple, Reliable Design

DAC is simply designed for better control and reliability. It uses NKC’s world renowned Power & Free System, and minimizes the number of conveyors and transfer points to reduce the number of sensors required.

DAC takes full advantage of NKC’s world renowned Power & Free System Technology.